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However, as the Sun and Moon are immortal, they reapper shortly afterwards in full splendor. So, from ancient times, eclipses have been linked to the Moon's nodes. This insight has largely been lost in western or tropical astrology, but not in the ancient vedic astrology.

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As it turns out, the lunar nodes are not only very important to explain solar or lunar eclipses, but more importantly, they are the key to understanding the influence of eclipses. These two cycles become favorably combined about every six months for a solar eclipse to occur. This is because more often the Moon's shadow passes completely above or completely below the Earth.

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In other words, the Moon in these cases passes above or below the direct line of sight between the Earth and the Sun. The retrograde motion of the nodes. The nodes of the lunar orbit are gradually shifting their orientation in space.

However, and importantly, the eclipses only take place when the nodes become stationary, which happens two to three times a year. In vedic astrology, it is the stationary motion of the nodes, which are functional malefics, that untoward incidents can take place.

However, the story needs to be slightly more nuanced. Lunar eclipse A lunar eclipse may occur only at the full Moon, as the Earth passes between the fully visible Moon and the bright Sun. Importantly, this can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle.

Solar eclipse A solar eclipse may occur only at a new Moon, when the Moon is in its new and dark phase due to its conjunction with the brilliant Sun. As the Moon is then passing between the Earth and the Sun, the Moon may obscure the rays of the Sun and cast its shadow on the Earth, fully or partially obscuring the light of the bright Sun.

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Between two and five solar eclipses occur each year on Earth, with upto two of them being total eclipses. Total solar eclipses are nevertheless rare at any given location because during each eclipse totality exists only along a narrow corridor in the relatively tiny area of the Moon's umbra.

These two cycles, the lunar month and the eclipse year have no immediately apparent relation. However, at a deeper level there are clear regularities at work in both cycles. Babylonian astronomers discovered that lunar months, a period of 18 years 11 days, was equivalent to 19 eclipse years Although invisible, these points are considered the equivalent of planets in the Zodiac in terms of their influence on life on Earth.

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Moreover, their karmic nature is considered to be mostly malefic, such that they tend to unleash negative karmic energy on either points or planets in the degree the nodes inhabit at any given time. Click here for your free daily horoscopes by Oscar Cainer! Rob Brezsny's Freewill Astrology Click your sign: Things are in motion, but now people are going to want to go back and look at what's happening and discuss it.

You can see some problems arise now that people are seeing changes in new perspectives. Things that didn't seem evident a short while ago now have become more glaring issues that need to be dealt with. As the week moves along, it's going to be harder to come up with consensus on things.

People are going to tend to be more resistant, and they might be harder to communicate with in general. It also helps in analyzing the transit impact of planets. The functional nature helps in identifying the strength of planets as well as those planets which cause unfavorable influences in the birth chart. The ascendant helps us in identifying the strong aspects of life and the aspect of life under stress including health.

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The astrological remedial measures for various life problems are recommended on the basis of the functional nature of the planets. The rasi chart which is known as either the birth chart or natal chart can be drawn in many ways but for the purpose of our study, we will use the north Indian chart style as shown below: 1 North Indian Style. This is the best form of drawing a chart as it provides a very easy comprehension of the chart at a mere glimpse. It shows angles and planets placed in angles without enumeration.

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