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The Devil card reversed describes a process of liberation, like The Tower card. But instead of a cosmic lightning bolt that sends everything crashing to the ground, the Devil card represents a gradual process of waking up — a much gentler experience. Over time, you have learned to ask the right questions, and old answers, promises, and excuses no longer satisfy you. Nor do the same old threats frighten you any longer. You realize that the torch does not cast much light, at all.

The vast black darkness no longer scares you. Instead, it fills you with curiosity.


Is it truly endless? Will it really swallow you up? You want to know, and you are determined to find out. By now, you have also come to realize that those chains slip off pretty easily.

Devil Tarot Card Meanings

It is very much in your power to remove them and venture forth. Whatever has held you in its grip has lost its power over you.

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In fact, the harder it tries to keep you in your place, the easier it is for you to slip out from under its thumb. And you discover that what has held you in awe and fear all along is just a little old man. Ironically, he seems more afraid of you than you ever were of him.

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You have solved the puzzle. The Devil is the fifteenth Major Arcanum. Added together, they make the Number 6 , associated with Venus and physical love. Contact us Contact Form.

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It is the point of horoscope which is at the time of our birth just rising above the eastern horizon. It is given by the exact time of birth. I determined it for myself only after I found my mother's pregnancy passport after her death with the exact time and place of my birth.

And I found out that I had an ascendant in Capricorn. Person with an ascendant in Capricorn has to realize that he has two opposite sides. On the one hand, an obedience and a diligent fulfilment of obligations, which require conscientiousness and self-discipline, on the other hand the ability to organize and to find pleasure in sensory experience.

Tarot Card: The Devil, Major Arcana XV

Big trouble with ascendant in Capricorn occurs mostly in childhood and adolescence, when more responsibility is put on the person than he can take at that age. If the ascendant is in Capricorn, then Cancer in Capricorn arouses tenderness, sensitivity and protective care.

Capricorn And Their Mind Games [Capricorn Man & Capricorn Woman]

Well, I had a lot to think about. What a treat. Only contradictions.