Libra march 16 horoscope 2020

Based on the Rooster fortune prediction in , the overall Rooster fortune in is just so-so. As for health, their bodies tend to be weak and they will be less energetic compared with Induced by friends, people born in the Chinese zodiac Rooster will consume a lot in entertainment places. It is advised for them to go to entertainment places less and stay away from alcohol, avoiding some unnecessary pitfalls.

Meanwhile, there will be romantic luck in for Rooster people, which is easy to appear in entertainment places or catering parties and easy to trigger affection. Therefore, People under Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac are suggested to be more self-discipline, and not to bother unnecessary interpersonal relationships. Further Reading. Best Jobs and Working Partners. Answers App.

Rooster Fortune in Overall Luck:. Fortune in Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. Possible promotion, advanced study, start new business. Salary increase, profits from real estate industry.

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Love and Relationships. Rooster's Luck by Month Born in More competitors, stay away from cooperative partners.

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Respiratory system problems, more physical exercises. And I've been eyeing this one job for years already. I just sent my application last November I am praying that I'll get accepted. Based on the prediction, you would have a chance to be accepted as long as you prepared it very well. Good luck! I'm not sure if I should sacrifice to pursue my dream job or find a job that will suit me.

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Having a hard time to decide on my career this month. Born on Aug 25th, Oh, you are suggested to pursue your dream job. Business partnerships can be challenged in the first quarter of , but the outcome is clear. January and February are months of reflection and planning to consider the future for yourself. During this period you will have the opportunity to evaluate things, adjust them or tying up loose ends. Because of the influence of Neptune in Pisces in your House of Work, Libra has doubts about the work that you do and if it really suits you.

Neptune in Pisces is favorable for developing creative and artistic activities, healing and helping others.

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Mars will accompany Neptune from mid-May until the end of June , giving you more focus and you'll be getting more satisfaction out of your work. The energy of Mars gives Libra the energy and drive to get to work. Take into account the resistance of colleagues and business relations in , because not everyone agrees with you or means well.

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Do not make hasty decisions this year, but take the time to make a well-considered choice. Finance In the year , Libra grows towards a more pragmatic approach to money. Happiness is not for sale.

Libra 2020 Horoscope

I am sure you know that too, but financial circumstances remain a fixed value for you and give you a sense of safety and security. With everything you do you look at what is of importance to you. Your planet of money is Pluto. Pluto is connected with Scorpio. Mars will remain in Scorpio until January 3rd and this cosmic push is a good financial start for and will affect the rest of the year. Stay within budget and don't waste any money, especially in February or March or in the early fall of Libra sees a cautious upward financial movement in early spring, but the situation will not really improve until the summer of Cooperation is of mutual interest to achieve goals and that also applies to the financial parts.

The influence of Mars brings Libra new, creative, innovative ways to make money. By learning new skills, a new company or working environment, you'll get more money and recognition. Good preparation is half the battle and you will now reap the sweet fruits in From September 9th, to mid-November , Mars is retrograde in Aries and in that period there is a financial revision or an earlier financial initiative will be defrosted. During this period, bills are settled and overdue debts are paid. October is a financially favorable month from a business point of view, also for relationships.

Family and Home The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn of December 26th shows in the first half of a joint holiday with family or relatives, a relocation or family activities, such as a family reunion. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn puts the focus on the emotional basis and touch of home feeling for Libra and that will bring important lessons in What does home and family mean to you?

Who is your family? Where and with whom do you belong? The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius of January 24th, affects children, so the first half of will be dominated by your children, your partner's children, children in the family or children in your immediate environment. Children play a very important role in the coming year. There may be a pregnancy or birth in your family or the rediscovery of your own inner child.

Tensions and conflicts arise between family members. You must approach relatives with care. The Lunar Eclipse brings out unspoken anger and negative aspects in the family atmosphere, but will help to find a creative solution to restore a lingering situation with elderly relatives or children.

Health In general, the year shows good health for Libra.