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On August 29th Mercury moves into Virgo.

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These Virgo seasonal energies ALL highlight the area of your life that has to do with making the most of your career and enhancing your public reputation by doing good works for others. The more you can give to those in need the more good fortune you will receive! The more you are willing to work hard for what you desire the more fulfilling your career will become.

The appreciation you seek, as well as a good income and much good fortune, can be yours in the near future if you put your best efforts out there over the next few weeks.

Do your best and you will see that the efforts you put forth now will be well worth your time and energy. You have a natural knack for being able to take a challenging chore, or lesson assignment, and find a fun way to learn and enjoy it! Right now we are all in Taurus season! The energy of this Taurus season is asking you to pay attention to your daily duties and take good care of your personal health.

When you do what you love and love what you do or at least find some fun ways to learn and do it success can be yours! If so…do it! Your ruling planet Jupiter is in retrograde motion in your sign; which is a great time to lose some extra pounds. Dancing may be just what you need!

Even in retrograde motion Jupiter is still bringing you good fortune, especially when you are in a yes vibe type of happy go lucky mood! The more you are able and willing to advance your life, without moody resistance, the more rewards you will receive! On May 15th Mars moves into Cancer which can help to enhance cooperation from others; but again you need to maintain your good mood or others may resist you more and say no to you.

Try to stay positively focused and productive, not depressingly moody if possible, for the best cooperation that you desire to receive.

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Forgiveness towards yourself and all others may be called for in order to clear your mind of any past emotional baggage. Give yourself a couple of days to go through this process. On May 21st both the Sun and Mercury will move into the sign of Gemini! Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury making this vibration even more potent. Now your attention will shift onto feeling more sociable and enhancing your personal relationships over the course of the next few weeks.

You can expect communication to flow abundantly, both from you to others and from others to you! Energy from the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all helping you to enhance your sense of self-esteem. You know what is right, you know what is not. You are aware of what works for you and what does not. The more your own morals and self-values are in positive alignment with what you want to accomplish the more successful you will be! You also have energies coming directly to you from beautiful Venus and benevolent Jupiter! Beautiful and lucky you can be, especially when you put your best foot forward.

You may need to work hard and show others that you can accomplish what you set out to do. Once they see how well you are doing, and what you have to offer with your optimism and charm, then others will want to give you assistance and support towards bringing your goals into reality.

On the other hand though if you choose not to use your energy in the best ways each day then those around you may just let you do your own thing without any support at all. The choice is always up to you. If you desire more happiness, good health, success, happy relationships and financial wealth then now is the time for you to focus forward upon using your good ideas and personal talents in the best ways possible. We are in Capricorn season which means that whatever you choose to do now can be successful and long lasting, but your best efforts need to be shown to others each day.

Oh you are lucky now, this is true, but for long lasting results — to bring your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals into your reality — this is the best time of the year for you to focus on doing and being at your best. The efforts you put forth now will be rewarded. Positive life changing experiences can happen for you at this time of year.

What would you desire these life changing experiences to be Sagittarius? What do you desire most for yourself and your loved ones? On Sunday, January 20th, the Sun will move into the sign of Aquarius. Pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking and what other people may bring to your attention.

New ideas can flow to you that can be very helpful. Enjoy the energy of Venus and Jupiter being in your sign, helping you to look good and bring you good fortune for awhile. Good Luck!

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The powerful Sun is in your sign and yet you may be feeling a bit powerless over situations that you feel are out of your control at the beginning of this month. The indecision that you feel at the beginning of the month will become clearer — with new ideas — once Mercury is back in direct motion and moves into your sign on December 12th.


But even before then you will begin to feel a bit more optimistic once the New Moon in your sign of Sagittarius arrives on December 7th. From that point of time onward it is up to you to focus your thoughts, words and intentions on what it IS that you truly want to have happen in your life. For some Sagittarians they will just trust in Fate to do the deciding and then wonder why certain situations happen over and over again.

Which type of Sagittarian do you desire to be? Will you meet a special someone on Saturday night? Will you fall in love this week? Find out what you need to know here in your weekly horoscope! Curious about ? Your horoscope reveals everything you need to know thanks to your horoscope forecasts. For more information about your personality, check out the Egyptian zodiac signs.

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Is it your zodiac sign's lucky week or will it be one to forget? Is your sun sign in for a successful week full of love and joy? Your weekly horoscope will include predictions about your career business, love life, relationships and finances. Your weekly horoscope also reveals how you will deal with the eventual problems you could face. Start your week off in the best way and read your weekly horoscope. Your free weekly horoscope reveals exactly what your sun sign needs to expect over the next 7 days. Why not also check out our free horoscope today and monthly horoscope to discover what the stars have in store for you!

Want more horoscope based information? Tuesday is a power day if you need to shine or lead in a group, while Thursday might drop a pretty face right in your path as Lady Luck smiles her good fortune your way. Help her out by saying yes to any promising invitations. On Sunday, Mercury joins the stellar lineup in Leo, which means your social life is still on fire. Expect a lot of movement, talk, and fun—and maybe some fabulous new connections.

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Leo season brings the shine at work, amplifying the wattage of your public profile. Tuesday is a power day for you, so plan any presentations or schedule important meetings then. The moon in your sign Tuesday to Thursday encourages deep connection as well as personal motivation. Push on and develop plans. Finally, Mercury leaps into lively Leo, adding the gift of the gab to your career sector. Speak your truth while you hold the spotlight all week. Healing to your creative self or inner child is highlighted this week, so anything you can do to tune in and allow it will feel rewarding.

Helping others who are going through trials you recognize brings its own reward. On Thursday, an expansive romantic experience—maybe meeting someone important with an accent—may broaden your horizons, so maintain eye contact and say hi.

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The moon will be in your sign, after all—every cosmic bit helps! Eclipse season threw shade on your sign—it might have been a little dark for you these last few weeks—but the sun shines again. There have been a few weeks of sizzle in your sex and intimacy zone, and it only gets hotter on Tuesday, so plan ahead. Lady Luck brings the feel-goods if you follow your intuition and act on faith.

This could mean a profitable partnership. Your talents and leadership skills are in hot demand, so be discerning about merging forces professionally. Thursday is an exceptional date night—just make it super private.