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William Blake Other birth times show later degrees of Cancer rising. Though the sixth ray is passing out of incarnation, in this particular cycle, its strongest expression through Sagittarius. Keats, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Blake. This fifth ray cycle emerged as a sub-cycle of the longer cycle of the sixth ray of Idealism.

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Yet, probably through witnessing the horrors of the Industrial Revolution, he later made comments indicating his struggle with scientific materialism, criticising individuals who were initiates of those disciplines:. The Ancient of Days. Esoterically, Melchizedek or Sanat Kumara. Poets such as Blake b. The Romantics preferred a more passionate and imaginative expression sixth ray , compared to the Age of Enlightenment — that was more about pragmatic reason fifth ray.

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Romanticism was expressed through literature and the arts, aiming toward a broader outlook that recognised human passion and emotion, in which the intellectual, critical mind was to be counter-balanced by the spirit of imagination; and intellectual wit replaced by humour and pathos. John Wesley. Martin [] and his band of spiritual philosophers in France and elsewhere, may have also marked the progress of the same period, during which the Ray of Devotion was accentuated by its own sixth sub-ray. Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing. When the pure vision, as of the poet, the philosopher, the saint, fills the whole field, all lesser views and visions are crowded out.

This high consciousness displaces all lesser consciousness. Yet, in a certain sense, that which is viewed as part, even by the vision of a sage, has still an element of illusion, a thin psychical veil, however pure and luminous that veil may be. It is the last and highest psychic state. Blake had Neptune-ruled Moon in Cancer, and Cancer rising, a sign of great psychic sensitivity.

Cancer-Moon-Neptune are all connected to mass consciousness. Cancer is a water sign, symbol of the watery astral nature. Neptune is the God of the Waters and the soul ruler of this sign.

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His Cancerian nature also enabled a deep empathy and sympathy for the less fortunate of humanity — similar to fellow writer Charles Dickens Aquarius, Blake birthed many inspirational ideas as they impressed him from the higher intuitive or buddhic realms:. When this is the case, his personality horoscope will show Neptunian influence dominating somewhere … It is Neptunian influence likewise which presides over and makes possible the second Initiation, wherein the initiate produces results in the astral body.

Adam and Eve. Blake may have incarnated as a second degree initiate and taken the third degree in that life. See further in text. He had many visions, as his art and poetry attest, starting early in life:. At the age of 17, Blake experienced visions in Westminster Abbey where he spent a lot of time drawing. He claimed that he saw Christ and his Apostles and a great procession of monks and priests — and heard their chanting.

Elohim Creating Adam. From these descriptions it seems that Blake came into incarnation with awakened vision and higher clairvoyance. The factor in the horoscope that points to this is his Cancer Moon the past , in the twelfth house the subtle realms. Neptune is in turn, opposite Saturn in Aquarius, strongly aiding the materialisation of the vision. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, placed right on the midheaven public, career — in Neptune-ruled Pisces, another watery sign of the imagination. Uranus and Pisces are deeply aligned with Sirius, the Christ consciousness and the heart of a disciple — of which Blake was obviously an advanced exponent.

Trace the descent of these forces in the middle column of the diagram below.

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  • Cosmic influences through the signs and planets. The Moon in Cancer also opposes Venus, the goddess of beauty and art. He lived in near poverty with his wife Catherine — Cancer is thrifty and can survive on very little!

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    Dante running from the three beasts. I will not Reason and Compare, my business is to Create. In both his life and his art, Blake provided a powerful example of creativity at any cost—in the face of misunderstanding, neglect, loneliness, poverty, even accusations of insanity. He has created many definitely weird, puzzling and inexplicable paintings — one wonders from what far-off worlds gave him inspiration! Whether Blake was a fourth or sixth ray soul, his astral body may also have been on the same ray, or ray line 2,4,6. This would have rendered his emotional body as the main receptor of the higher impressions that emanated from the buddhic plane.

    Sagittarius is ruled by second ray ruler, Jupiter. Jupiter is in the first degree of Sagittarius conjunct his Sun, powerfully accentuating his Sagittarian personality. Due to the nature of the consciousness-expansive Jupiter here, Sagittarius gives a penchant for story-telling through painting and poetry.

    Soul ruler Neptune is in the sign of Leo, conjunct the other ruler of the sixth ray, Mars. Joseph of Arimathea preaching to the inhabitants of Britain.

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    Mercury represents the way one thinks and communicates; in Scorpio, with great depth, insight and at times, very cutting and ruthless, as exemplified by his criticism of his one time teacher, scientist and psychic — Emmanuel Swedenborg. This speculation of a third degree initiate is also supported by the potency of Sirius in his horoscope.

    For the advanced initiate in this sign, and after the third initiation, Sirius becomes a major life factor. Visions of the Daughters of Albion.

    Cancer 2017: Home. Family. Grenfell. London, Britain & Democracy. William Blake.

    Albion is the old name for Britain. Milton was inspired by the story of a young Jesus who accompanied his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea to visit the Glastonbury of old. Video: Proms version. Billy Brag version. This is just a brief vignette into the life of this remarkable soul. Blake left a particularly indelible mark that will live on and continue to inspire countless generations, evoking a sense of mystery and the potentials of the creative imagination.

    Jan Dietrich, astrologer and co-worker This newsletter is dedicated to our friend Jan Detrich who passed on the Gemini full moon recently, after a short illness. Jan had the sun in Scorpio and a Pisces moon, giving her a depth of understanding and a spirit of generous loving-kindness that was an inspiration to her family, students and co-workers. She fulfilled her Aquarius rising soul purpose admirably through her co-operation with various group endeavours, her profession as an astrologer and as a dedicated student of the ageless wisdom.

    For those of you unfamiliar with her work and astrological writings, here is her website. She will be sorely missed! Peace, Jan. Annual Call for Donations If you enjoy these monthly newsletters, use them for group meditation meetings or the study of Esoteric Astrology, please consider the Law of Reciprocity — for making a donation to support this ongoing work. Subscribe to newsletter. Donations Please support this work. Donate via Stripe Stripe Payments requires Javascript to be supported by the browser in order to operate. Stripe is supported in many countries.

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    Can a tendency towards healthy or unhealthy mental activity be discovered using a personal chart? What are the indicators?