February 5 eclipse horoscope

This particular New Moon takes place in late Aries plus red-hot Mars the ruler of Aries is in leisurely Taurus; what it lacks in speed it makes up in endurance. The Sun is in independent Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and like the baby crocuses pushing through the hard earth, this ambitious sign represents self-assertion, courage and creativity. The Moon is in diplomatic Libra, the sign of the artist and the lover; its aim is to create harmony, balance and cooperation. Ruled by Mars, Aires is the lone wolf; Venus ruled Libra is associated with marriage and partnership.

Eclipses open portals from the great above; these doorways are opportunities to consciously tap into what is buried within us and have the ability to accelerate the process of deep change.

What February's Capricorn Horoscope Means for You

At the time of the eclipse normal life can feel suspended and there is a sense of something fated. From this chaos, a new world, a new self or fresh vision can occur. This is no ordinary eclipse; it takes place at 29 Pisces; the last degree of the last sign, and the end of the zodiac.

It is a potent degree that suggests major endings and beginnings. On February 18 we have a second Aquarius New Moon; this one is in the last degree and last minute of the sign; in fact, two minutes later the Sun and Moon move into Pisces. Sometimes referred to as a Black Moon, this is an uncommon occurrence. Wiccans believe these Moons are especially potent for rituals and spells.

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February has a disagreeable reputation, especially here in the North East where it is often cold, wet and extremely windy. Many people flee to warmer climates or stoically endure. Personally, I love the dark, winter days and long nights; I revel in the quiet and the calm that comes with gently falling snow and the opportunity to turn inward. It is a time for deep thoughts, great novels, rich conversations, for planting seeds and small pleasures. Are you asleep; is there an area in your life where you are drifting, dozing or making do?

This energizing and confident New Moon has the ability to shake us up, wake us up and set us off on a brand new path… more. There is a quality of stillness and serenity to January. After the hustle and bustle of the holidays life begins to settle down; the cold, crisp days and long nights draw us back to home and hearth. Outside the icy ground is covered with a thick layer of snow and very little stirs, but inside there is a roaring fire, hearty food and those deep thoughts… more.

The sign Capricorn is associated with ambition, responsibility, and hard work. The Sun and Moon are in colorful and risk-taking Sagittarius, the sign of the gypsy, the pilgrim and the philosopher. The archer may not know the meaning of life but he or she knows life has a meaning and is on a quest to find it. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, this adventurous sign will travel far in search of new frontiers… Read More. Ultimately she returned to the topside world for part of the year; the rest of the time she remained below with Pluto. Like Persephone, we need to be able to navigate both realms, weaving gold thread through old wounds; making peace with loss… Read More.

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Scorpio New Moon Eclipse, Halloween, Season of the Crone Here in the far north the air is crisp but soft, scented with the fragrance of apples and wet leaves, yet the sun is still strong during the day — what delicious combination. The trees have turned gold, crimson, and rust; the sky is streaked with layers of mauve … Read More. The Sun and Moon are in the sign of love, beauty and balance.

Venus ruled Libra is associated with the artist, lover, and diplomat. This peaceful sign represents harmony; harmony between colors is art, between sounds is music, between people is love. A New Moon marks the time for is a new beginning; Read More. This is another Super Moon, the fifth and final one this year. A Super Moon is when the Moon is closest to the earth, bigger and stronger than usual.

It pulls, it beckons, and seduces. In August everything is bigger, brighter, stronger, and sweeter. A New Moon is a new beginning, a fresh start and this month it is in colorful Leo, the sign of the performer, artist, the lion and the king.

February 5 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

At the very heart of Leo is the search for the Self and journey of actualizing it. This Full Moon is called the Buck Moon since July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur.

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It is also called Full Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are most frequent during this time. Both Cancer and Capricorn have to do with security; nurturing Cancer the sign that rules home, family, and emotional needs focuses on inner security while Capricorn associated with ambition, power, and achievement rules the external manifestation of security. The sign Cancer arrives late June through July, a time of year when summer is brand new and still fresh; the days are long and lush, the air soft and fragrant and the earth is pulsing with new life. June is a generous month; school is out, camp begins, and vacations are planned.

There are roses and peonies, strawberries and cream, swimming and softball; life slows down, spirits are high and summer seems endless. It is around twilight, the most elegant time of the day, when day and night merge like two rivers and the stillness itself become a song. In my twenties I spent a few years in Reichian therapy a body-based psychotherapy based on the work of Wilhelm Reich with an analyst who tried to help me release the anger I had for my father. I spent hundreds of hours beating a tennis racket on a bed and screaming to no avail.

I knew the anger was there but it was buried very deeply. The Sun is in mental Gemini the journalist and the teacher; the Moon is in optimistic Sagittarius, the philosopher and the preacher. Brainy Gemini represents the literal mind and is concerned with gathering and sharing information. The archer rules the higher mind and seeks to interpret and process knowledge. Gemini can get lost in the details; Sadge can vanish in the clouds.

When working in harmony these two signs blend the mind with imagination to create a kind of alchemy. This Full Moon invites us to examine our thinking and our beliefs and look at how they influence our reality. A New Moon is a brand new beginning; one cycles ends and another commences.

You plant a seed in the dark, moist earth and then you wait. The Moon eclipses the Sun; you must trust your heart; you need a big dose of faith at the New Moon. April celebrates Easter, the resurrection, and the life of Jesus, but May belongs to Mary. Both mother and matter come from the same Sanskrit root —maat. The three most important Full Moons take place during Spring. During spring the creative energy pours forth from the challis of the Moon and a doorway opens bringing fresh awareness.

The creative energy reaches its highest potential and it is the beginning of a new cycle of creation.

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It is said that Buddha was born, died and received enlightenment on the Full Moon in Scorpio and many consider this the highest spiritual day of the year. Each year this great being returns at this time to help humanity toward enlightenment. It is an opportunity for us to get in touch with our own Buddha nature.

The divine energy received at the Wesak Festival is released and anchored within the human consciousness. Read Full Article. A solar eclipse is a super powerful New Moon, a time of major endings and beginnings. Sun and Moon are in earthy, sensual Taurus; the sign that celebrates our bodies, mother earth and our relationship to the physical world. Intellectual Mercury, in Taurus, is conjunct the New Moon, making a supportive trine to transformational Pluto in Capricorn encouraging us to find new ways of working with nature.

Venus, the goddess of love and ruler of Taurus, is currently in inspirational Pisces the sign of divine love and compassion. What we need right now, she seems to be saying, is radical… Read More. Why all the buzz about this particular full moon eclipse? This is no ordinary eclipse, not that any eclipse is normal.