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Pluto will add the depth, power, darkness, and death and rebirth themes, though there is also the feeling of an impending "judgment day," to this transit. Prayer: Judge us fairly. Protect us from abuses of authority and power. Protect us from manipulations of the law. The Moon is moving into a trine with the Sun and Mercury and then into an opposition with Pluto and square with Uranus and Jupiter. Not everything that grows is "good," of course, but it's a day where efforts find allies, where doors may open, and where a general feeling of progress and development is in the air.

This happens because the Moon is building in light and because it's con necting harmoniously with the Sun AS the light is growing. It's easy to forget the small things right now, to get lost in the fog, or to be deceived or fudge the facts. In the next few weeks, just after the Spring Equinox, Mercury will appear as the evening star again, and in the sign of Aries, which should herald a significant change for all things related to Mercury.

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Where there is currently confusion and a lack of clarity, there will once again be a sense of direction. We'll keep our eye on this!

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This mutual reception by detriment may serve to bring unlikely allies together for the purpose of a single cause, or it may even unite enemies for a period of time. We may also see interesting role reversals in relationships, where the dominant partner becomes more submissive or yielding and vice versa.

We'll also keep our eyes on this transit in the weeks to come. Turn on the news or read a facebook feed and see! It's worth mentioning that Venus isn't making any aspects to any other planets during her retrograde save a conjunction with Mercury around March 18th. It's likely that around that time we will see more of Venus' retrograde symbolism appearing thanks to the translating and message carrying of Mercury.

Jupiter and Uranus: Crack, crack, crack Jupiter and Uranus are exactly opposite today. Meanwhile Mercury, Neptune and the Sun are getting together in Pisces. Should I get away with it?


Is it ever okay to get away with it? Mercury doesn't do as well thinking, reasoning, articulating, deconstructing, criticizing, or questioning while in Venus' exaltation Mercury in this position may be intuitive, poetic, or wildly creative or original in its thinking, but it's also a difficult sign for Mercury to do "typically" Mercurial things.

All of the significations above combine Mercury's current invisibility, it's being overpowered by or co-opted by the Sun, along with the unique challenges Mercury faces when in Pisces. In the simplest sense it's a moment for us to read between the lines, to see behind or within the words, and to feel where people's hearts are at despite what is being said or done on a more superficial level.

It's also a time to be incredibly cautious about trying to bend the rules or facts in order to suit our needs or desires.

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Bending and breaking rules, laws and codes aren't always the same thing, but sometimes they are. Each time we hit one of the exact passes a new wave of this unique historical moment washes over us. These changes are freeing us personally as well as collectively, but the breakthrough often requires a breakdown. We should also remember that these planets are passing through cardinal signs, which means the events are distinct, sharp, fast, and pivotal.

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