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Charitable organizations and activities are also governed by this astrological house. In a positive note, this house represents releasing possessions in a positive cause by donation or charity — this can further help to become closer to God, by performing selfless kind acts for the whole society.

The Twelfth House in Astrology also relates to everything connected with foreign lands such as foreign settlement, import-export businesses, and large organizations. For example, it determines whether you will have a life partner in a foreign land and if you will settle there or not. It will also give a clue whether you will be involved in large and global organizations.

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They also earn gains from foreign sources. The 12th house is strongly connected to your expenses. It can also bestow you a highly luxurious life. Most of the people enjoy making expenses for their own comfort. These expenses can be also related to frequent traveling in foreign countries and charitable acts. Additionally, this house rules over isolation in jails, where people can think about the mistakes they have made.

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Ultimately, the 12th house leads us closer to becoming enlightened by shaping our souls in good or bad ways. The 12th house also relates to the comforts related to the bedroom such as sound sleep and sexual satisfaction.

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If the house has any affliction, it can lead to problems in attaining sexual harmony and sound sleep. It can cause insomnia. Venus will give great fruits in this house as the 12th house is the natural house of Pisces, where Venus becomes exalted. These great fruits include various comforts with a highly luxurious lifestyle.

Additionally, great sensual pleasures and spiritual evolvement are also blessings of Venus in the 12th house. The 12th house is one of the malefic or Dushtana houses in Vedic Astrology. In other words, the ill-placement of Sun in 10th house equips negative results of this combination with the directional strength.

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Sun in the 10th house is giving a direct aspect 7th house from itself to the 4th house of real-estate and conveyances. Accordingly, strong Sun in the 10th house blesses with various luxurious vehicles in life with a beautiful home. In addition to that, this combination enables earning through real-estate. If Sun is in own sign or exalted in the 10th house, it blesses with a large number of properties and consistent profit through activities related to real-estate.

This combination indicates the Father being famous, reputed and having powerful authoritative status in life. If Sun is in own sign Leo in the 10th house, it becomes the 10th house lord the placement of which in the considered house produces a strong and powerful Raja Yoga — Trine or Trikona house lord in Trikona is one of the Raja Yogas which is formed by the association of Kendra and Trikona houses.

This combination will produce and amplify all the positive results from this house. Accordingly, it blesses with a great amount of luck, fortune, and prosperity. In addition to that, it promotes becoming successful and high achievements. If Sun in Leo as 10th house lord gets connected with 9th house lord, it produces the most powerful Raja Yoga, which is distinctively called a Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga — thereby Dharma represents the 9th house and Karma the 10th house. The connection between these houses indicates righteous Dharma actions Karma and various good deeds.

In addition to that, these pious deeds of this combination promote becoming renowned, respected, and powerful in society and blessed with king-like status and position. Your email address will not be published. Sun in the Twelfth House connects with the energies of Pisces and its ruler Jupiter. Sun signifies soul, self, self-esteem, self-confidence, fame, recognition, Father, authority and authoritative figures, overall personality, ego, head, eyes — including Read more….

Sun in the Eleventh House connects with the energies of Aquarius and its ruler Saturn. Sun signifies soul, self, self-esteem, self-confidence, Father, authority and authoritative figures, overall personality, ego, head, eyes — including vision, prosperity, Read more…. Sun in the Ninth House connects with the energies of Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter.

Sun signifies soul, self, self-esteem, self-confidence, Father, authority and authoritative figures, overall personality, ego, head, eyes — including vision, vitamin Read more…. Sun in Tenth House connects with the energies of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn. Tenth House Sun in relation to Earth Having Sun in the 10th house means being born when Sun is in the highest point in the sky — Sun gains directional strength or DigBala powerful momentum in the 10th house. Results of Sun in Tenth House Extremely Intelligent Creativity and intelligence are signified by Sun the placement of which in the 10th house, where it gains directional strength, blesses with strong brain power.

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